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Many thanks for everyone's kindness and support this year. And for putting up with the endless promotion of my book!

I hope you all have a wonderful winter holiday and a 2011 filled with goodness!

Encino Man

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Big thanks to the Encino Elementary School for having me as the headliner of their Book Fair. Barnes and Noble Encino hosted a big crowd of book loving kids, parents, and teachers.

I got to draw the school librarian, Mrs. Cummings.

Unfortunately, caricature isn't my strong point. Sorry, Mrs. Cummings.

I signed a lot of books...

I met some adorable Wubbzy fans...

And hung out with some very photogenic families...

- as a thank you gift, I was given a really awesome customized tin of cookies. Yum! Yum!

A Cow Named Wubbzy

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I've heard of at least 3 dogs that have been named Wubbzy but I was really surprised to find out that there is a calf named Wubbzy. Wubbzy the calf is on a dairy farm in Stockton, California.

I'm a big fan of cows so next time I'm up that way I'm going to make sure to stop by and say "Hi".

Read all about the cow named Wubbzy right here- http://crazymoos.wordpress.com

Wubb Cookies!

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Many thanks to Thyjuan Rosario of Inspirations By Thyjuan for sending me a box of awesome Wubbzy cookies!

They look great. They taste delicious. And if you eat them you'll get super powers!
My niece ate one and now she has the ability to talk to donkeys.
Well, I didn't say that they would be good super powers.

Oh, poor Wubbzy cookie!

If you want cool cookies (and super powers!) go here- http://inspirationsbythyjuan.blogspot.com/

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!
And more thanks to the hip Australian site Babyology for the nice post on Hugo - babyology.com.au/sunday-arts/hu…

A cool site like that makes me wish I was an Australian mom!

Wubbzy Goes To Washington!

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Wubbzy has been chosen as one of the characters to be present at the White
House Easter Egg Roll
on Monday, April 5, 2010!

The White House Easter Egg Roll is a tradition that has spanned more than
130 years and numerous Presidents. The event is held on the South Lawn of
the White House.

Thousands of children and their families are expected to travel to
Washington, D.C. to participate.

More on this breaking story as it develops!

Hugo the Musical!

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Well, it's not quite a musical but it is a 'music video' that I put together for my new children's book, Hugo and the Really Really, Really Long String.

Many thanks to Brad Mossman for lending his amazing song making skills!
Brad and I worked together to create all of the songs on Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! I wrote the silly lyrics and Brad turned them into really great, high-energy pop songs!

You can find out all you want to know about the Wubbzy songs here- http://wubbzysongs.blogspot.com/

And you can view all the Wubbzy music videos here- http://wubbzysongvideos.blogspot.com/

Ty Ty the Tool Guy

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A while back we were lucky enough to get the incredibly busy Ty Pennington, of Extreme Home Makeover fame, into the studio to do a voice for Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
He was a super nice guy and we had a blast doing the episode.
It's premiering Monday, December 14 at 3:00 p.m. ET on Nick Jr.

Brad and Bob on NPR!

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Wubbzy composer/singer, Brad Mossman and myself created a song in response to a challenge on NPR (National Public Radio) to "Create a song in a weekend".
I wrote some silly lyrics and Brad used his musical genius to turn it into a fun little groovin' song.

Everyone at NPR liked it so much that they decided to do a piece about it's creation!

Brad was interviewed by NPR's Scott Simon for a story that will air tomorrow morning on Weekend Edition Saturday.

If you want to hear it live you can find the time and station here- http://www.npr.org/templates/stations/schedule/index.php?prgId=7

Or it will be posted here after the show airs- http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=7

Wubbzy Halloween costumes

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Here are some of the great Wubbzy Halloween costumes that I have stumbled upon.

And this one is by Jenn for her son Ryan. http://www.jenn.nu/2009/10/31/happy-halloween-2/

They are all super cool!
Thank you Google Alerts!