And now for something completly different

Posted on by BOB BOYLE

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What would happen if uber-talented artist, Andy Suriano, asked me to do a pin up for his new comic book?
Well it would look something like the image above. Actually, it would look exactly like the image above.

It was really fun for me to step outside of my usual playful style and do something a little bit darker. I've really been wanting to work on a graphic novel so it gave me a chance to play around with what that style might be like.

So, thanks for the opportunity to play around with your characters, Andy!

You can get more info on Andy's awesome book, "Doc Bizarre, M.D." (co-created by Joe Casey) at Andy's blog-

It's available in fine comic book stores everywhere on November 30th but you can check out a 10 page preview right here- PREVIEW

In addition to being a good friend, Andy is by far one of the most talented artists I've ever know. You won't be disappointed by anything he's involved with.